I started off strong this year in January writing Jonah of Olympic. I’ve been working on it all year, and I’m nearing closer and closer to a conclusion of the first draft which is exciting. I had originally planned to wrap up the first draft by summer, do a quick draft 2, and…
A free short story and opportunity
A free short story and opportunity
Two free short stories incoming and another Sweet Sixteen Killer giveaway
Some behind the scenes of the book to mark its 1-year anniversary of its release.
Reading from Sweet Sixteen KillerListen now | Chapters 1 and 3
The other night I had a coworker ask me a very interesting question. At first I wasn't sure I knew the answer, but to my surprise I had a quick response…
I've not been keeping up with Jonah as I should be, not because I don't want to and not for lack of trying. At the start of June, I began writing a…
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